Bridge Employment & Intergenerational Knowledge Transfer

Paid employment following retirement is a growing phenomenon known as bridge employment. With a predicted rise in the aging population and no mandatory retirement age, this form of employment is expected to see an upward trend. This research explores the concept of part-time bridge employment in academic sector particularly at OCAD University. The university is an age-integrated workplace that includes mature adults (born between 1945-65) and young adults (born between 1980-1998). Through a user-centered design approach, potential challenges and opportunities afforded by inter-age knowledge transfer for faculty members (young and mature) and students are examined. Mentoring service activity is used as a strategy for workload reduction at the institute. A web application is designed to facilitate part-time bridge employment to mature adults, transfer knowledge and contribute to young adults seeking informal mentorship opportunities. An online platform, a flexible working environment and support of intergenerational knowledge transfer through mentorship service activity are proposed to the university as enabling conditions.

Earlier Prototypes

The earlier prototypes include wireframes, designing web page layouts and colour palettes. Based on user-centered design, multiple iterations and user testings are conducted throughout the design process. The tools used are Balsamiq, InVision and Illustrator. 

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