Tender Noise

Interactive Sound Installation

Tender Noise is an interactive sound installation communicating through the noise of our heartbeats and re-interpreting us as the mundane objects. Inspired by the sound sculpture of Mo H Zareei who combines mechatronic techniques with non-musical objects, this installation explores the rhythm of human body. 

It involves two participants and provokes a discovery of other by exposing our hearts to each other through sound. The shared experiences generate different emotions between participants based on their closeness. The installation can offer a playful environment controlling the sound by manipulating the heartbeat (by running/breathing...). 

The major components used are Arduino Uno, Electromagnetic Linear Actuator, LED Light Strip and a Pulse Sensor. The participator connects to the system via a pulse sensor, and when a beat of their heart is detected, it triggers the actuator, thereby creating a thumping sound, and it triggers a light pulse that flows across the LED strip. 

Team members: Fusun Uzun & James Essex

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