Autonomous Robot Vehicle

As a Graduate Research Group Project at OCAD U, we were challenged to make an autonomous robot using the Arduino Uno microcontroller. 

The goal was to make it follow 2 preset and 1 unknown paths and deliver the ping pong ball on reaching its destination. 

We initially brainstormed various ideas and tools that could deliver us the results. This included from using Lego Lifts on the designated courses to using Conductive Material as the path to altering the ball by adding features like Accelerometer and Gyroscope. Later we finally concluded to use Ultrasonic Sensors with MOSFETs and DC Motor with Arduino to get the desired results.

Each course had its own program specifically designed for it. For course C, we were given some time to adjust our code for it. In each case, the proximity sensor would detect the obstacle and turn the vehicle right or left with one wheel moving and the other stationary. The exact timing depended on the desired angle and turning speed relying on the battery power, motor specifications, balance on the device and wheel traction among others.

Team members: Jason Tseng, Ling Ding & Marcus Gordon

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