Transmedia Immersion

In our Transmedia class, we explored building a future world where the technology has embedded so deeply in our lives that it has become indistinguishable. ‘Nanochakra’ is an imaginary world set in the year 2048 which gives a glimpse of the world and how the change has impacted over the years. Based on nanotechnology, people now view their world through Augmented Reality chip called ‘Carma’ made by Cognizance corporation and implanted in humans at birth. The short video clips reveal the back story of how one of the makers of the chip anticipated a dark future and invented a ‘Nirvana’ pill to counteract the impact and unleash the chakra powers of humans.

World Glimpse 1: Boardroom

World Glimpse 2: Carma Creation

World Glimpse 3: Taking Nirvana

World Glimpse 4: #Resist

World Glimpse 5: Rebel Training

To explore the transmediality of the project, website for the Nanochakra world and the Cognizance corporation were built.

Also an app is created with VR experience that enables users as the rebels by letting them fight with their chakra powers.

Nanochakra - Rebel training program VR experience

Team members: Hammadullah Syed, James Essex, Jason Tseng, Marcus Gordon & Tuesday Xu

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