Inuit Power

Augmented Reality App

Inuit Power is an Augmented Reality app built as a Transmedia element to help in promoting Inuit Art and Culture. It connects the age old stories of this culture with the diverse artefacts currently at the Museum of Inuit Art. It not only helps in continuous engagement but also increases the footfall and generates revenue for the museum.

The idea behind it is that once the user goes to the museum, he would listen to the stories of Inuits from different regions and will have to match the given clue to the artefacts present at the museum. This would liberate the hidden power of the artefact and empower the user. 

After building the technical architecture of the app used on different media; wireframe and visual palette helped in moving the way forward.

The Transmedia Map facilitates to create a full immersive experience on site and off site. Different approaches to rebuild the awareness offline and enhance the immersive engagement of visitors are used. Such as location-oriented promotion media that includes public transit, library, museum and other educational institutes. Apart from it, the Inuit word puzzle is also a playful technique to combine the users’ behavior and the idea of transformation brilliantly.

The user can also buy their different forms of powers in 3-D form as collectibles and share it through social media. For an off site experience, the user could use the digital collection to match the clues and order online.

Team members: Fusun Uzun, Ling Ding, James Essex & Janmesh Gharat

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