Heart Rate Recovery


This project was yet another experimentation with biofeedback. I, along with another team member, chose different gestures to outline a process for decoding and articulating the data gained from the bio sensors we were working with. We narrowed down our study to a more consolidated notion by reviewing the impact of breathing on the rhythmic pulse of heart effected by various human gestures. We quantified six sets of gestures by observing the ECG data via Bitalino board and monitored through OpenSignals.

The video shows six channels as the gestures including Control, Compression, Deprivation, Exertion, Hyperventilation and Relaxation. Each gesture started with a 30 second Control (normal state) followed by 1 minute of activity and a varied amount of time to return back to the Control state. The five activities in the graph above are shown in comparison to the Control state and the length of the activity determines its time to return back to normal as captured in images (fps) from the video.

Team member: Jazmine Yerbury

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