3D Printed Spoons

For our 3D Printing project, I had not thought that creating the most basic everyday object such as a spoon could be such a unique experience. To me, the functionality is quite significant along with aesthetics. So I started thinking of ways that could help facilitate the experience with a spoon in our everyday use. One of the basic issues that we face is the use of spoon in either a spice or dipping it in one thing and then you can’t use the same spoon for anything else even if you need it right there and then. So I started thinking of ways where you can have more than one options but at the same time taking another form than just a mere spoon. So I realized one of the closest shapes is that of a pair of scissors where if you replace the ring holders with the bowls of the spoons, one can use it upside down. Also the two spoons can also be used interchangeably without reaching out for another, be it while measuring, stirring or eating. Hence, a combined pair of spoons in the shape of scissors was conceived, leaving the users ‘Puzzled’.

Using Format