3D Printed Spoons

This 3D printing project was a play with form and function of an everyday object. Spoon is one such mundane object which is overused yet often overlooked. Do you remember the spoon from the last time you used? It is often said that good design is invisible. Perhaps this is the reason that we rarely pay attention to them. What all does one do with a spoon anyway? What can one do with a spoon? What does one want to do with a spoon that it is not afforded in everyday use? To make spoons visible and appear functional, a fusion of spoon with scissors as a speculative multipurpose tool was conceived, leaving the users 'Puzzled'.

I started observing and asking people around me about their spoon usage and started taking notes. One of the basic issues that I noticed in cooking is the use of spoon in either a spice or a dip and then the inability to use the same spoon for anything else even ifyou need it right there and then. Secondly, switching to different tools such as a knife or a blade during the food prep. Taking these insights forward, I started thinking of ways where a spoon is able to afford more than what is perceived at the moment. The spoon created in response gives the user an opportunity of two spoons and a pair of scissors, all in one. The body has two blades of scissors with the two rings on its head replaced by two bowls of spoons. In this proposed object, the two spoons can be used interchangeably without reaching out for another, be it while measuring, stirring or eating and it can also be used upside down for cutting. 

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